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Industrial Maintenance Training Courses Are Simple and Effective

Our Industrial Maintenance Training Courses Can Change Your Facility

Seasoned industry experts with years of instructing experience make American Trainco’s mechanical and industrial maintenance training courses very effective at producing employees who can make an immediate impact on their facilities’ efficiency and function. Our mechanical experts lead building maintenance training seminars that emphasize a strong technical foundation and helping students with specific problems they have or may encounter at work.

Our mechanical and industrial maintenance courses include the following topics: fluid power, pumps, pump systems, and pump repair & maintenance, steam systems, plumbing, welding, and mechanical drives. Available in both public seminars and in house training, American Trainco courses will help you reduce downtime, save energy, money, and time, and improve overall maintenance efficiency and safety.

Review the seminars information below for details and schedules.

Understanding & Troubleshooting Hydraulics
Pump Repair & Maintenance
Pumps & Pump Systems: Specification, Installation & Operation
Troubleshooting Mechanical Drive Systems & Rotating Equipment
Steam Systems Maintenance, Safety & Optimization™
Plumbing and Pipefitting for Plants and Buildings
Maintenance Welding


Our pumps and mechanical industrial maintenance training classes fall into a few broad categories.

Pump Maintenance Training
We offer two centrifugal pump training courses. The Pump Repair & Maintenance seminar is for those who run into problems that need to be fixed quickly on the spot. Pumps & Pump Systems focuses on the upfront application, specification, and installation of pumps with the goal of helping students to perform installations that eliminate the need for frequent repairs in the first place.

Hydraulic Training
Understanding & Troubleshooting Hydraulics deals with fluid power training. Students learn about various fluid power components, how they work, and what they do. Then instructors teach students to use fluid power schematics to achieve different types of work and then learn troubleshooting techniques to find and fix the most common fluid power problems quickly.

Other Limited-Basis Seminars
These related plumbing and mechanical maintenance courses are offered less frequently, but are also available for in-house training:
  • Plumbing and Pipefitting for Plants and Buildings
  • Steam Systems Maintenance, Safety & Optimization
  • Maintenance Welding
  • Troubleshooting Mechanical Drive Systems & Rotating Equipment

Expert industrial maintenance training and mechanical courses can help you and your employees work more safely and efficiently, saving you money. Our instructors and seminars can make a huge difference. Contact us today.

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