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PLC Training Courses from American Trainco

In response to the PLC training needs of our students, American Trainco now offers two PLC courses for our students. The first is called "PLCs for Non-Programmers"  and the second is called "PLC Programming and Applications". We combine these PLC classes together to offer a single PLC program conducted over four consecutive days called a "PLC Workshop – from Introduction to Application".

In the first two-day class, "PLC’s for Non-Programmers", students learn the basics of working with programmable logic controllers – how to identify components, how to read ladder logic, understand PLC inputs and outputs, understand basic programming instructions, how to set up a PLC including hard wiring, how to identify and isolate the most common system faults, and so much more. This is one of the best introductory PLC courses ever designed for those who are not already familiar with PLC programming and need a basic introduction to working with PLCs.

At the student’s option, PLC training continues for two more days in our "PLC Programming and Applications"  seminar. This PLC program is a standalone course and can be taken independently from the first training course. The seminar dives deeper into programming and applications to ensure greater comfort and a higher level of confidence for the student. They will learn to organize, design and plan their own programming; create, enter and test their own instructions; edit, save, restore, upload and download their work; and write specific task and application programs using structured text and function block diagrams.

Together, these two PLC training courses provide a complete and comprehensive education for technicians who work on or around programmable logic controllers in plant or facility settings. For more detail, select one of our PLC classes below.

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PLCs for Non-Programmers - 2 Day "Hands-On"
PLC Programming and Applications - 2 Day "Hands-On"
PLC Workshop - From Introduction to Application - 4 Day "Hands-On"

American Trainco also provides a variety of other training seminars for plant and facility maintenance technicians. Please be sure to check out our other Electrical Training  courses, HVAC Training  courses, Mechanical Training  courses, and Management Training  courses. An even broader selection of topics is available when conducting in house training at your facility for larger groups. Please contact us  for details.

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