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Let Us Help You Prepare for HVAC certification

American Trainco has given HVAC training to more successful general facilities maintenance technicians than anyone else. We have trained nearly 30,000 HVAC students since 2002, and have issued EPA 608 certification to more than 10,000 technicians. Our HVAC classes set the bar in the industry.

American Trainco offers classes in HVAC topics such as Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, Boiler Operation Maintenance and Safety, HVAC Electrical Controls & Air Distribution, Chilled Water, and Water Treatment.

Our Air Conditioning & Refrigeration course includes the certification test for EPA section 608 at no extra charge to HVAC&R students. Students can take the test at the end of the second day of any of our Air Conditioning & Refrigeration  public seminars.

Please browse the seminar information and schedules below for more details and public seminar dates.

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Air Conditioning and Refridgeration
Boiler Operation, Maintenance & Safety
HVAC Workshop - Air Conditioning & Boilers
HVAC Electrical Controls & Air Distribution
Chilled Water Systems
Water Treatment for Boilers, Chillers & Cooling Towers
ATMT® Testing & Certification

Also available: Electrical Training, PLC Training  and more…

***EPA Section 608 Certification Notes

Technicians who want to work with controlled refrigerants associated with HVAC, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems must have this certification, and may need different types of certification depending on the work they want to do

  • Everyone must pass the CORE section for all EPA Section 608 certifications.
  • TYPE I Certification – Required to work on hermetically sealed small appliances containing fewer than five pounds of refrigerant, such as small household refrigerators and portable air conditioners.
  • TYPE II Certification – For work on appliances using medium- to high-pressure refrigerants like R-22. This includes commercial refrigeration, heat pumps, and some residential refrigeration units.
  • Type III Certification – Required to work on appliances using low-pressure refrigerants such as R-11 or R-123, which are used primarily in chiller applications.
  • Universal Certification – This certification is for technicians who want to be able to work on all types of refrigerant systems and appliances.

American Trainco does not offer the special licensing that many states require. However, passing an HVAC or EPA 608 certification test can help prepare you for such exams to begin satisfying state licensing requirements.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our HVAC certification and training or preparing for EPA section 608 Certification. We have the trainers and experience necessary to get you certified and ready to become a worker with greater impact.

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