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Variable Frequency Drives

Reduce Your Dependence on Outside Service Contractors!
- A practical 2-day seminar for maintenance technicians

Both Days - $990  |  Four Days - $1980

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Unlock the Mysteries & Dispel the Myths of VFDs!

"I can now troubleshoot with confidence"
Rick Stark – Facilities Specialist – Baker Petrolite

"Got answers to questions I face in my job daily"
Todd Stevenson – Facility Technician – Cadbury SBS

"Complex information explained in simple terms"
Dale Fessenden – Building Mechanic – City of Portland

"More covered in two days than I thought possible."
Michael Fitzsimmons – Specialist II – Olean General Hospital

Purpose of Training:

This course was created to bring students up to speed in their knowledge of variable frequency drives (VFDs) as quickly and safely as possible. It includes "hands-on" demonstrations for skills improvement and is specifically designed for maintenance technicians and others working in industrial plants and commercial buildings, or wherever variable speed control applications are found. It is also a great refresher for experienced electricians and engineers. It provides a practical, real world VFD education. Students are also encouraged to describe their own unique VFD applications during the class so that after discussion they can go back to their workplace and immediately apply what they’ve learned.

Overall, the purpose of this course is to increase the skill and confidence needed to get the most out of your VFDs by teaching students how to improve VFD control and efficiency, troubleshoot and fix VFDs, reduce equipment downtime, eliminate chronic VFD problems, lower the cost of VFD operation, and alleviate the need for hiring costly outside service contractors, all while establishing a culture of safe work practices among employees. This course can also be adopted as part of a company’s regular Qualified Electrical Worker program.

Course Overview

This course provides a solid foundation for those needing to understand Variable Frequency Drives. It enables students to service their own VFDs from top to bottom. It is practically designed around common applications involving HVAC, pumps, fans, conveyors and other specific applications including those that require constant torque operation. It covers AC motors, VFD configuration, component layout, control methods, installation requirements, operation, setup, programming, preventive maintenance, power quality and harmonics issues and more.

Students leaving this seminar will have unlocked the secrets and dispelled the myths of VFDs. Some of the specific things they will have learned during this training program include:

  • Where and how VFDs are used in the workplace
  • How VFDs can improve efficiency, safety and cost savings in a variety of applications
  • How to read and understand electrical drawings in the design or troubleshooting of a VFD application
  • How the VFD relates to the motor to accomplish a desired objective
  • Types of VFDs and their various options and capabilities
  • Application of VFD technology to your specific needs
  • How to install a VFD
  • VFD setup and programming
  • Hard wiring and grounding of VFDs
  • VFD control for constant torque or variable torque applications
  • How to get optimum performance from your VFD
  • The importance of monitoring your VFD
  • Maintenance considerations for a VFD
  • Identifying and isolating a VFD problem from a motor problem
  • VFD Troubleshooting tricks and techniques
  • How to find and fix the most common VFD problems
  • Other VFD best-practices

Training Outcomes

During this course basic VFD “hands on” demonstrations/student exercises will be performed. When attendees return to work their employer can expect them to present a training certificate indicating he or she has successfully learned to:

  • Identify hazards associated with working on VFDs
  • Follow safe work practices
  • Identify and apply the right VFD for the job
  • Troubleshoot common VFD problems
  • Troubleshoot problems associated automated control systems
  • Identify and understand the operation of components in a VFD system
  • Use different methods of controlling a VFD
  • How to properly install a VFD
  • Monitor and adjust motor/load requirements
  • Respond to various WARNING or FAULT indicators
  • Implement preventative maintenance practices

Discussion Topics

    • Electrical Hazards
    • LOTO (Lockout – Tagout)
    • Personal Protective Equipment & Insulated Tools
    • Mulitmeter, Clamp-On, Megohmmeter
    • Single Phase and Three Phase Motors
    • Motor Troubleshooting and Replacement
    • Basic Control Circuits & Troubleshooting
    • Motion Control / Motor Speed
    • Air Flow / Liquid Flow / Pressure Control
    • Eliminates the need for:
      • Variable Transmission or Sheave
      • Variable Vanes or Dampers on Fans
      • Variable Valves on Pumps
    • Energy Savings
    • Easier Maintenance
    • Enhanced System Monitoring
    • Constant Torque – Conveyors, Positive Displacement Pumps, Superchargers
    • Variable Torque - Centrifugal Fans or Pumps, Saws, Routers, Planers
    • Bypass - Two or Three Contactor Style, Disconnect Switch Style, Soft Starter
    • Fusing - VFD or Bypass Protection
    • Input / Output Reactors
    • Motor Overload Device
    • Transient Protection
    • Auxiliary Relays
    • Power Line Phase Reversal Detection
    • Environmental Concerns
    • Clearances
    • Conduit Entry
    • Safety Circuit
    • Start / Stop
    • Jog
    • Status Indication
    • Fault Indication
    • Remote Speed Reference
    • Monitoring of Motor Parameters
    • Induced Signals
    • Inductive, Capacitative
    • Incoming Power (line) Wiring
    • Motor (load) Wiring
    • Control Wiring
    • Proper Grounding Methods
    • Keypad Controls
    • Terminal Strip Control – Automatic, Manual
    • Bus Communication Control
    • Open Loop Control
    • Manual Operation
    • Automatic Operation
    • Sensorless Flux Vector
    • Closed Loop Control
    • PI Loop Configuration
    • Sensor or Transducer Feedback
    • Motor Shaft Encoder Feedback
    • Language & Display
    • Control Modes
    • Open Loop, Closed Loop
    • Motor Data
    • Power (kW) and RPM
    • Voltage, FLA Current
    • Service Factor, Power Factor
    • References & Limits
    • Motor Speeds – Min, Max and Preset
    • Ramp Times
    • Speed Reference
    • Skip Frequencies
    • Limits for Alarms or Faults
    • Inputs / Outputs – Analog, Digital, and Relay
    • Application Functions
    • Reset
    • Flying Start
    • Sleep Mode
    • Switching Frequency
    • No Load
    • Phase Loss
    • Closed Loop Functions
    • Normal / Inverse
    • Anti Windup
    • Start-up Frequency
    • Integral Time / Differential Time
    • Proportional Gain / Differential Gain
    • Lowpass Filter

What You Will Take Home

American Trainco Seminar Manual - detailing all presentation material covered in the class

Personalized Training Certificate with 1.6 CEUs (Continuing Education Units) for attending this two-day seminar.

All the information you need from asking our instructors specific questions about your own equipment or facility.

Optional ATMT Certification® Testing

An optional ATMT® Certification exam is available for this training topic. It may be taken online or as a written test any time after the class is over. Please visit ATMT® Testing and Certification for more information.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

All students attending our seminars receive a personalized Certificate of Completion and .8 CEUs (Continuing Education Units) per day of training. Over 40,000 employers and government agencies who have sent their employees to our classes accept American Trainco CEUs for continuing education requirements. Our administration and record keeping practices meet or exceed the standards of ACE (American Council on Education) and we are able to provide transcripts of all classes attended and tests taken by individual students. Please contact us if our CEUs are not yet accepted by your authority. We will initiate an application to get the approval process started.

In House Training

You can bring this or any American Trainco seminar directly to your plant or facility. We offer dozens of courses covering a broad range of maintenance and maintenance management topics. Our expert instructors are among the most experienced in the industry and can modify or customize training programs to meet your specific needs - whether you need a short refresher course or an in depth program that focuses on your equipment and processes. In house training reduces the training cost per employee and limits the time required away from work. There are several other advantages of in house training as well.

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In the rare event that should you not receive the expected value after attending our seminar, simply notify us in writing of your reasons and your money will be promptly refunded.

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If you're not yet sure you'll be able to attend a seminar, you can still make a reservation to hold your space in class. However, payment for international and overseas students must be made prior to the start of the seminar (in Dollars U.S.), and all seminar fees are non-refundable. Student substitutions can be freely made at any time prior to the start of the seminar. American Trainco’s Money-Back Guarantee does not apply for international and overseas registrations.

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